Our Story

It all started when Michalis Mousoulis, a skilled and experienced tailor opens a small tailor’s shop, dedicating special care and attention to his customers wishes. The recognition for the  “Mousoulis” name and the standards of his services provide motivation for something more. At the same time, looking ahead of the trends, Mr Mousoulis takes into consideration the shift towards ready-made clothing.


1970...Launch of the first store, which also offers retail products. Eye for quality and passion for the job lay the ground for the search of the products with the highest quality and the personal guidance of the people, who are more than just customers for Mr Mousoulis.


1973… Through difficult and easy times on many levels, professional successes and “useful failures”, Mousoulis store remains the menswear store of choice in Korydallos and is rewarded by people for its devotion in premium quality of products and high standards of customer service.


1976... With a mix of internationally popular and authentic niche brands, Mousoulis store has been established for its quality menswear for different occasions. Customer demand increases and aspirations for expansion are born.


1985...In a new and more ample space, but with the same customer-centric values in mind, Mr Mousoulis and his team insist on providing tailor-made services to each customer, along with premium quality for all merchandise.


1996...A second, promising location opens with new brands being added to the current selection. Both Mousoulis stores now sell stylishly curated collections of the most influential men’s brands internationally. Michalis Mousoulis’ son John joins his father at the wheel of the company with his refreshing point of view. Mousoulis is among the first retailers in Greece to store Marlboro Classic and Hugo Boss brands at the time.


2000...Mousoulis stores undergo renovation in order to create a minimal contemporary environment that complements the modern aesthetics of the merchandise. A curated selection of designer brands aim to accommodate different sartorial styles and needs and Michalis Mousoulis’ constant presence ensures that his business values remain intact.

2012...In the new internet era, Mousoulis e-shop is launched, providing its services for orders within Greece.


...Today brings us to a new milestone for the Mousoulis brand!
The company expands its business activities outside Greece, with a new international e-shop. With respect to our customers, our objective is to offer the same level of service as in our physical stores. With a brand roster ranging from preppy favourites Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, to heritage brands such as La Martina and Aeronautica Militare, and sports-luxe designs by BOSS Green and Armani Jeans (to name a few) there is something for every sartorial taste. For the after dawn occasions Hugo Boss brands, Hugo and BOSS Black, along with Tom Frank and Daniel Hechter elevate formal and semi-formal attire with sharp designs, while niche designer brands such as Andrew Scott, Raimonti and Explorer provide their own interpretation of current trends.

Staying on the sartorial pulse with contemporary styles, the legacy of values and quality standards, along with the experience that comes from continuous interaction with people and the drive for perfection are always present. In a location that is familiar, yet new, we aim to provide customer services of high standards and “build” the same bond of trust with each one of you.

If you are looking for quality menswear for your or your special ones and you value excellent customer service, then Mousoulis is the place for you.

Thank you for choosing Mousoulis for your shopping!