Terms & Conditions


The owner and holder of exploitation rights of this webpage is the company named “MOUSOULIS MICHALIS & CO. OE”, and styled (distinctive title) MOUSOULIS (mousoulis.com or mousoulis.gr), (hereinafter referred to as “MOUSOULIS”), wherein the words “we” or “our” will refer to the above company. Our company’s registered store is situated at: 77 Taxiarchon str, Korydallos, Athens, Greece Postal Code 181 20, the Tax Registration Number is 081359890 of the Korydallos Athens Public Fiscal Service Office of Korydallos.

For the needs of this document and for brevity you will be referred to as the USER. For any question, query, or clarification in relation to these terms and conditions of this agreement, or for comments and complaints in relation to our web page, we request that you communicate with via email at sales@mousoulis.gr, via telephone +302104970144 or at the address: 77 Taxiarchon str, Korydallos, Piraeus, Greece Postal Code 181 20.

The general sales terms which are specified have the purpose to define the sales conditions between the USER of the mousoulis.com or mousoulis.gr e-shop and MOUSOULIS and are the only enforceable terms. MOUSOULIS may on occasions amend certain provisions of the general terms. The USER is obligated to consult said terms each time s/he visits the said web page.

On the basis of the following terms and conditions, the USER may visit and use the MOUSOULIS web page. The following terms apply to all the transactions that the USER concludes on the MOUSOULIS web page.

The USER declares that, with his/her entry to the web page and further to his/her registration thereon, she/he fully accepts the general sales terms after having read said terms.

MOUSOULIS is bound in relation to the quality, the completeness and the validity of the information that is presented (appeared) in its web page and specifically in relation to the information that is set out as well as the services provided by its e-shop, without prejudice to any technical or typographical errors, which cannot be foreseen or have arisen without fault or due to disruptions to the web page due to force majeure.


All rights, inclusive of the intellectual property right (copyright) in this web page, belong to MOUSOULIS. Indicatively but not limited to these rights relate to the design of the web page, the presentation method of the goods (products), the content of the e-shop that is displayed at the www.mousoulis.com or www.mousoulis.gr web site address, inclusive of the logo, the images, the photographs, the graphics, the designs, the Software and all HTML and other code contained in this Site, the texts and the services provided and are protected under the relevant provisions to which the visitor / user must consent if s/he desires to continue his/her browsing or to purchase a certain product.

Consequently, actions of any kind relating to the use of the material belonging to MOUSOULIS shall be prohibited. All of the above may only be used only under license of MOUSOULIS. Furthermore, the USER is bound that s/he shall not use the MOUSOULIS name and the mousoulis.com or mousoulis.gr electronic site in a manner that shall in any way violate its identity with any user. It is prohibited to vary, distribute, or re-publish this web page for any purpose.


A prerequisite to use the services that the web page provides is the USER’s subscription to it, as it is specifically demonstrated to the USER by the relevant icons on the web page. The requirements may be potentially amended by MOUSOULIS from time to time. The particulars and the information that the USER provides upon his/her subscription must be correct, honest (true), accurate, and complete. In the event where some of the information provided by the USER upon his/her subscription has changed, s/he is obligated to update the web page’s icon, with the “SUBSCRIPTION” information


The purchase of merchandise from MOUSOULIS is strictly restricted to persons that have the legal right to sign and to conclude contracts on the web page in accordance with the European legislation. The USER must possess the legal capacity, which is deemed in accordance with the provisions of EU legislation.

In order to complete a purchase through the web page, it is necessary for the USER to subscribe to it (in accordance with the directions that are provided on the web page) and to declare his/her personal data, namely the USER is obligated to declare his/her real name, telephone number, email address and any other information that may potentially be requested.

During the order of the products the USER will be asked to declare payment information (e.g. credit card particulars, etc) and to verify and guarantee that the payment information provided to MOUSOULIS, upon the order, is valid and correct.

The web page is only available to private individuals and other persons complying with the terms of suitability (appropriateness) imposed by MOUSOULIS and in respect of whom a valid credit or debit card has been issued by a bank that is acceptable to MOUSOULIS and whose applications have been accepted by MOUSOULIS and who have authorised MOUSOULIS to carry out one or more charges to their credit card for the amount of the purchases total value for the products that are being purchased.

The purchases that the USER performs on the web page are exclusively for his/her personal use (or for gifts) and are not permitted to be used for re-sale or for other commercial purposes. MOUSOULIS reserves the right to prohibit the order and the sale of multiple quantities of a product to the USER, which is dispatched to a customer or to a postal address.

The USER, where s/he desires to purchase products from MOUSOULIS, expressly and without reservation, authorizes MOUSOULIS to conduct credit checks, and where it deems it necessary, on occasions to transmit or to receive information about the USER to or from third parties, as with credit reports, and to proceed to the verification of the USER’s identity. In relation to orders of a specifically high value, MOUSOULIS may communicate with the USER in any appropriate manner to verify the USER’s identity prior to the dispatch of the order.


MOUSOULIS offers products for sale, which it has acquired from fashion houses, manufacturers and representatives. No MOUSOULIS product is second-hand, defective or of an inferior quality.

Furthermore, the main features of the products are displayed on the MOUSOULIS web page and specifically on the page for each product.

Despite the fact that MOUSOULIS provides a complete presentation for each product, due to the website browsing software or the screen, the products offered for sale on the MOUSOULIS web page may not precisely correspond to the actual products in terms of the image and the colors. MOUSOULIS carries no liability for those types of mismatches. The image and the colors are only intended for the purposes of representation. The packaging may potentially differ from that depicted in the photograph. The weights, dimensions and capacities, where these are provided, are approximations. In relation to further queries the USER may contact the Customer Service Support (09:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday) via email at sales@mousoulis.gr or on the phone on +30 2104970144.

To the extent permitted by current legislation, MOUSOULIS refuses and declines any guarantee, expressed or implied, in relation to the accuracy of the information that is contained anywhere in this web page.

MOUSOULIS declares that it shall automatically cancel orders that are made from a country or address that is different to those where it conducts dispatches or where it deems that there is fraud (dolus).

MOUSOULIS advises the USER that all of the products are accompanied by a disposable identification tag that is attached to the product. The USER is obligated not to remove the said tag or card from the products purchased in the event where s/he desires to return said products. MOUSOULIS, expressly reserves its right not to accept returned products without the corresponding card or products whose original status (condition) has been changed or which have suffered damage.

The price policy of the MOUSOULIS products is the same in the network of its stores. There are offers for selected products, the prices of which differ from the stores and only apply to purchases through the e-shop.

All of the prices for the products are subject to change and accordingly the USER is obligated to check the final sales price prior to the dispatch of his/her order.


MOUSOULIS has taken due care during the preparation of the content of this web page, specifically to ensure that the prices given are correct at the time of publication and that all products are correctly described.

However, the orders will be accepted only if there are no substantial errors in relation to the description of the products or their prices, as these are advertised on this web page. All the published prices include VAT for the countries where the imposition of VAT applies. The price for the products ordered by the USER and which MOUSOULIS accepts will be that indicated on the web page’s pricing page as at the time that the order is completed.

MOUSOULIS takes all efforts to provide high quality services but cannot ensure that there will not be any interruptions to the web page’s operation or “human” errors during the updating – display of the price of a product. In relation to the security and the effectiveness of the purchases, the USER is kindly requested, where s/he confirms that a certain product is offered at an unusually low or high price in relation to its market value, prior to proceeding with his/her order, to communicate with the Sales department on the telephone numbers 00302104970144 and /or to send an email at sales@mousoulis.gr or a fax to the telephone number 00302104976044.


Occasionally, MOUSOULIS may offer special offers activated by a code, which must be entered in the dedicated field “Coupon Code” during the completion of your order. The offer will reflect on the final sum of the order, for registered users. Promotional codes cannot be used in combination with other promotional activities.

Discounts are issued in the form of absolute amount in euro or percentage (%) and are offered/ made public through:

•    Digital or physical advertisements

•    Newsletters

•    Banners or alternative means of promotion

•    Discounts are issued in the form of either 'E savings' or a 'percentage off' and are offered to customers via promotional emails, advertisements, on-site banners or 3rd party communications

•    Special offers cannot be converted in cash and are non-negotiable. Unless otherwise stated, discounts are only applicable to full price items (sale and clearance items are not included)

•    MOUSOULIS reserves the right to cancel or change any promotion / discount without notice, at any time

•    In all cases, the shipping charge only will be deducted. No taxes, duties or customs charges will be removed.

•    If an alternative shipping option is chosen, the cost of the advertised free shipping charge only will be removed

•    Unfortunately, we are unable to cover the cost of sending and returning international orders

•    All promotions will have a 'valid until' or 'expiry' date. Please refer to the original promotion source for this information

•    Promotional codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

Promotional codes are valid for one transaction per person Promotional codes cannot be applied retrospectively to previous orders

•    If returning an item purchased using a promotional code, the code used will remain valid if the retained items exceed the threshold required (if a threshold is applicable)

If the retained items fall below the minimum spends you will be refunded accordingly and the code will be re-validated, which can only happen once per order. The re-validated code will expire after 14 days.


All orders that are accepted by MOUSOULIS are subject to the product’s availability. MOUSOULIS offers products for sale that are available for dispatch from its stores. It is possible during working days/hours that the product you have selected has been bought/reserved from a customer in our physical store. Such event will result in revoking availability in the online store. To prevent this, we make continuous efforts to update our database on a timely manner.


The USER, after having selected the products that s/he desires and the delivery location for his/her “BAG”, the order will be dispatched by following the relevant icons on the web page. Thereafter, by selecting the icon “CONFIRM TO PROCEED”, the USER’s order will be dispatched to MOUSOULIS to the “CONFIRMATION and PAYMENT” page, further to the choice of payment.

MOUSOULIS informs the USER about his/her order number. Thereafter, the USER will be informed by MOUSOULIS by email, as soon as possible, to confirm that his/her order has been received and complete. The said e-mail means that the USER’s order has been accepted and that MOUSOULIS has proceeded to charge his/her credit or debit card, after having checked its information (in the event where the payment will be settled in that manner).

In the event where MOUSOULIS proceeds to charging the USER’s card and finds material errors in the order, it reserves the right to return the money to the USER’s card and to cancel the order.

MOUSOULIS also reserves the right to refuse the order, if it does not manage to gain access to payment authorization, for example, where there are restrictions to the transportation of a specific item, where the product is unavailable or it does not meet the quality control standards and is withdrawn, or where the USER does not fulfill the suitability criteria specified above.


The payments are made by cards Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Maestro cards, COD, by PAYPAL and by deposit into a bank account.  The payment will be charged and received from the USER’s account as soon as MOUSOULIS receives the USER’s order and further to the examination of the USER’s information.

All credit and debit card holders are subject to validity and authorization examinations by the institution that has issued the card. Where the institution that has issued the USER’s card refuses to provide the authorization for payment to MOUSOULIS, then the latter will not be considered to be responsible for any delay or non delivery. MOUSOULIS makes every reasonable effort to make the web page as much secure as possible.

All the transactions via credit card on this web page will be performed with the use of the advanced payment system of Piraeus Bank based on GlobeSSL the international secure payment provider. Moreover, Piraeus Bank provides the “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard Securecode” services based on the 3D-Secure card owner identification protocol Furthermore, MOUSOULIS makes every reasonable effort, to the degree that it has the capacity, to ensure that the order and the payment information is confidential, and it will not bear any liability for loss to the USER’s detriment where there is no negligence of the part of MOUSOULIS.

In relation to payment upon delivery to the USER’s location (COD), the USER will pay the courier company employee with which MOUSOULIS associates, upon delivery to the USER’s location.

In the event where the USER decides to settle the account for his/her order at one of the following Bank accounts:



MOUSOULIS is obligated to deliver the products, to the address provided by the USER, within 2-4 working days from the completion of the order (dispatch of confirmation e-mail), in accordance with the above. More specifically, the said deadline will commence at 16:00 (Greek time), on the date following the working date from the completion of the order (in respect of Greece), and expires on the third working (in the country of destination) day.

All of the potential expenses for the delivery shall be clearly recorded in the order and will include insurance. MOUSOULIS will inform the USER by e-mail about any delays to his/her order and wherever it is possible, it will have the capacity for partial dispatch.

MOUSOULIS will not have any liability for packages lost because they were dispatched to a wrong or incomplete address, which is not due to its negligence.


The aim of MOUSOULIS is to guarantee the USER’s complete satisfaction. Where If, for any reason, the USER is not satisfied with his/her order then s/he may exercise his/her right to return the products purchased within 14 working days, from the date of the product’s receipt, by initially completing the cooling-off accompanying document that is attached and to dispatch it signed to MOUSOULIS, by e-mail (to sales@mousoulis.gr)

All of the expenses for the dispatch of the returned products shall be at the expense of the customer, as long as the said returns are made by the courier companies ACS Courier & GENIKI TAXYDROMIKI (in relation to dispatches within Greece), and DHL (in relation to dispatches to countries within the European Union, excluding Greece).

In order to complete the return, the USER must:

a) Complete Download the electronic form in the “RETURN” section or fill the form dispatched with the product of his/her order;

b) Consult with the courier company that will receive the product. The USER may return the products, without paying for the dispatch expenses, by using the courier companies with which MOUSOULIS associates, GENIKI TAXYDROMIKI or ACS Courier (in relation to dispatches within Greece), and DHL (in relation to dispatches to countries within the European Union, excluding Greece), or via another courier company at his/her choice and expense.

It is preferred that the merchandise is returned through the courier companies GENIKI TAXYDROMIKI (in relation to dispatches within Greece), and DHL  (in relation to dispatches to countries within the European Union, excluding Greece), in order that the said merchandise is protected and insured during its transportation. In this regard, the USER may return the products in any safe manner. MOUSOULIS does not guarantee the security or the insurance of products that are returned via other courier companies, excluding the courier companies GENIKI TAXYDROMIKI or ACS Courier (in relation to dispatches within Greece), and DHL (in relation to dispatches to countries within the European Union, excluding Greece), and may potentially not assume liability for the specific products.

c) The address for all the returns is:

77, Taxiarchon str, Korydallos, 181 20, Athens,

d) Upon the receipt and completion of the USER’s products MOUSOULIS is obligated to inform the USER by e-mail or any other method explicitly expressly requested by the USER.


The USER is obligated to complete and dispatch the electronic or printed Returns Form to MOUSOULIS, within fifteen (15) working days from the date that s/he received the product.

The products must not be used, worn, washed, altered or have suffered damage and the product  together with all the existing designer’s labels and packaging must be attached to the product, together with all of the documents that accompanied them (e.g. Dispatch Order, Retail Sales Receipt, Bill of Lading, etc). All products that are sold by MOUSOULIS are accompanied by a disposable product identification card. The USER is obligated to try the products purchased without removing the card; otherwise, the product will be considered to not be in the same condition as delivered and will not be accepted.

The products must in every case be returned complete and unused in their original packaging. Where belts and packaging by the designer is provided, as well as authenticity cards, protective cases, leather labels, designer cases and jewelry boxes, these must also be returned, since they are considered to be a part of the product. The return may potentially not be accepted where the returned cases for the products have suffered damage.

Where more than one item is returned from the same order, then the said items must be included in a single return parcel MUST be simultaneously dispatched together.

Where If all of the above conditions are fulfilled, MOUSOULIS will then return the entire amount to the USER for purchased products that are returned, excluding the dispatch expenses, where in case the USER has chosen another a different delivery service company other than those suggested excluding. In the event that the returned products are not accepted, then the USER will be immediately notified by MOUSOULIS.


All complaints will be dealt with in good faith. The products are defined as defective where they have suffered damage during their delivery or where they have exhibited a manufacturing defect within one (1) month from the purchase date. The USER must bear in mind that products that suffer damage due to wear and tear will not be considered to be defective. All products that evidently have a manufacturing defect will be replaced or immediately compensated. Nevertheless, MOUSOULIS reserves the right, in the event of disputed complaints, to return the products to the manufacturer for examination, in order to clarify whether the complaint is genuine. MOUSOULIS will inform the USER in relation to the progress of his/her complaint.. Where it is possible, MOUSOULIS will proceed to the repair of the defective product.


It is possible that this web page will contain hyperlinks that are exploited by third parties, excluding MOUSOULIS, such as advertisers. MOUSOULIS has not examined all of the web pages that are connected to its web page and is not liable for nor the content or the accuracy of the pages that do not belong to this web page or for the availability of those external web pages or sources, and it does not subscribe or bear any liability or obligation, direct or indirect, for the confidentiality policy or the content of such web pages, indicatively, for advertisements, products or other material or services that are provided or are available from such web pages or sources, or for the damage, loss or harm that has been caused or is alleged to have been caused from or in relation to the use that was made or the trust shown to the content, product or service that is available from such external web pages or sources. MOUSOULIS retains the right to remove any mention submitted by Users in public digital or physical spaces, without prior notice.


Disclaimers and exclusions of from liability under these terms and conditions will not apply to damages that are due to death or injury that have been caused due to negligence on the part of MOUSOULIS or its employees or its representatives or as a consequence of deceit fraud. The said disclaimers and exclusions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Greek Laws Legislation. Where a certain provision in these disclaimers and exclusions is considered to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any whatsoever other reason, the said provision will be considered to be an isolated case and